LTE POTS Replacement

POTS/Copper lines continue toward a massive nationwide turndown. Telephone Carriers are starting to move out of providing copper phone lines and this creates a handful of issues if your organization is required to have a traditional landline. Many commercial locations are still required to have a landline. The two most common examples are Fire Panels (Fire Alarm) and Elevators, but the needs still exists beyond those examples.

As telephone providers want out of copper what does this mean if you still need an analog line?

The cost of an analog line will begin to increase if it has not already in your area. In 2013 the average cost for a “business” analog line was $141 per month. Add this to the aging copper network and FCC 15-98, which allows for telephone providers to essential STOP providing analog service, it is becoming more difficult and costly to have an analog phone line. In addition to the rising costs of an analog line, providers are already retiring their copper networks. Here is a list of copper retirements already in progress.

Why replace analog lines with cellular LTE solutions?

Analog is costly with unpredictable rate increases
Prices will continue to be unstable as more subscribers discontinue telephone service and the system ages.

Carriers are rapidly discontinuing analog lines
The high price of copper and the aging copper network are too costly to maintain.

Compliant Solutions: Out-of-the-box
Approved for Fire alarms and Elevators

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When communications are critical, LTE for analog replacements is the solution.

Fire AlarmFire
Code Certified. Fire Marshal approved

Alarm LinesAlarms
Connected even in power outages

Elevator phone lineElevators
LTE adapters provide two-way voice

VoLTE GraphicVoLTE | Voice LTE Solutions
FAX, modem, SCADA apps, OOB Management

VoLTE and Internet one boxLTE Analog Replacement + Internet
Two Solutions – One Box| Add a backup or primary internet connection to Elevator or VoLTE solutions.

How does POTS replacement work?

  • Multi-carrier, Dual SIM 4G LTE router provides the connection
  • Analog Translation Adapter (ATA) connects to the LAN port on the 4G LTE router
  • The ATA provides the analog to digital connection to a 66 block, connecting Alarm Panel or analog phones
  • A Back-up battery ensures connectivity during a power outage
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