Satellite Internet

Enterprise Satellite for Primary or Backup Service
Broad Sky has solutions for a single office or multiple remote locations. Satellite Internet is a fast, secure, and reliable connection when you need to access your critical applications. Getting connectivity has never been easier with a variety of carriers to choose from.

More Data, More Diversity, and Better Coverage
Extreme 25 takes business satellite service to a new level. Broad Sky satellite customers experience more benefits than ever before, including:

  • Speeds up to 25Mbps x 3Mbps with every plan
  • Nationwide coverage, including Alaska
  • High Usage plans available for 500GB and over
  • Path diversity, excellent for backup/failover
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Satellite Internet Coverage

Enterprise Business Satellite Use Cases

Remote Office SatelliteRemote Office
High-speed connectivity beyond the reach of DSL, cable and 4G LTE coverage areas.

Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery
Provide a diverse path to the Internet safeguarding your business when disaster strikes.

Enterprise Satellite SolutionsEnterprise
Customized with increased bandwidth for your SaaS applications.

SCADA Monitoring GraphicSCADA
Manage and monitor the continuity and quality of your facilities no matter how remote.

Cost-effective, timely, and reliable solutions.
4G LTE, LTEA, M2M Networks, Business Continuity, Enterprise Business Satellite and more

Broad Sky Networks LTE Pots Replacement
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