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Web Hosting FAQ

We are passionate about supporting our customers. Call, chat, e-mail or open a support ticket and we will get right on it.

Absolutely! In most cases we will perform your WordPress install the same day you request it.

Yes, we offer a complimentary weekly backup. If you need more than a weekly back up, contact us.

No contracts here. We love our customers and want to earn your business every day.

Pricing varies on product offerings. Please check out our shop or contact us.

WordPress and website migration is always free. We will work hard to ensure your site is transferred with little to no downtime as quickly as possible. If you are migrating a VPS, Dedicated or Windows Server we will help with that also.

Hosted VoIP FAQ

Yes! If you already have the equipment and it’s compatible, OR if we can make it work, why not use it? One of our goals is to save you money whenever we can. If you want to BYOP, please send us a list of your equipment.

That’s great! We will still host your PBX.

That’s a great question! Contact support, and we will help you figure that out.

E911 and MLTS can be a complicated subject. Check out this page for more information.

If your Internet connection goes down, your calls will still be answered by the Auto Attendant, directed to Voice Mail, cell phone, or the mobile app. It just depends on how your call routing is setup. We can also help you design a system with a 4G LTE connection to ensure you will always receive calls.

Mostly, month to month, but that could depend on your license type. Enterprise license holders are required to sign a minimum one-year agreement. All other license types are month to month. We want to earn your business with every call every day.

SMS Marketing FAQ

No, we do not set limits on how many subscribers you can have. The only thing we require is that your subscribers have opted in. We have zero-tolerance for spam.

Sort of, let me explain. If you have a valid, opted in subscriber list, then we can import that list into your database. If you cannot verify your list, we cannot import it.

Absolutely! They are your customers, and it’s your data. Export your subscribers anytime you would like right from the Customers screen. Here is the KB article on exporting your subscribers.

In most cases, no, there is no contract. Specific scenarios, such as a dedicated shortcode or if you send extremely high segments, we may ask you to sign a 12-month agreement.

Pricing is simple. We charge you per segment (SMS Text Message) per month in advance, and that’s it. If you need support, we are here for you at no additional cost.

If you are coming from another platform, we will help you get set up at no cost.

Remote support can help reduce costs and resolve issues sooner than making a site visit. We utilize one-time access software for the one-off times we need to log in to your system and give you a hand. When the session is closed, we cannot log back in without getting login details from you.

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